With funds raised since 1972 the Hough Memorial Cancer Society has been involved with purchasing equipment close to Three Million Dollars for our local Hospital.  Most of these items listed below, we have been able to replace with the latest technology on a continuing basis, due to wear or upgrades.


With increased usage of some equipment, replacement is required every 3 years.

Endoscopy Unit with Attachment Scopes

*Biopsy Forceps
Xray & Film Processor
Chemical Analyzer
*2nd Ultrasound
*2nd Video Gastroscope
Endoscopy Unit with Attachment Scopes
Endoscopy Scope Washer


NOTE:* indicates equipment which has been replaced.


***Income tax receipts are available upon request***

Your donation may save the life of a friend or loved one.



If you have been in our hospital for an operation or procedure, you probably had the benefit of a piece of equipment purchased by Hough Memorial.

We are endeavoring to make it the latest in technology!

We are not affiliated with nor do we receive funds from any other cancer organization.




Every dollar donated stays in Williams Lake to purchase equipment for your hospital.